SchoolReference NumberClosing onStatus of Award
MAYFLOWER PRIMARY SCHOOL 1151-0624-0205/07/2022 Pending
RULANG PRIMARY SCHOOL 1195-0624-0105/07/2022 Pending
NGEE ANN PRIMARY SCHOOL 5197-0623-0105/07/2022 Pending
AI TONG SCHOOL 5625-0617-0105/07/2022 Pending
CHIJ OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE 5019-0623-0104/07/2022 Pending
OPERA ESTATE PRIMARY SCHOOL 1212-0620-0101/07/2022 Pending
FUCHUN PRIMARY SCHOOL 1208-0622-0101/07/2022 Pending
KHENG CHENG SCHOOL 5608-0622-0201/07/2022 Pending
CEDAR PRIMARY SCHOOL 1211-0622-0101/07/2022 Pending
ANDERSON PRIMARY SCHOOL 1766-0620-0129/06/2022 Awarded
INNOVA PRIMARY SCHOOL 1250-0620-0129/06/2022 Pending
NORTH VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL 1740-0617-0129/06/2022 Pending
GONGSHANG PRIMARY SCHOOL 1222-0616-0129/06/2022 Pending
FIRST TOA PAYOH PRIMARY SCHOOL 1610-0616-0128/06/2022 Pending
BENDEMEER PRIMARY SCHOOL 1129-0614-0128/06/2022 Pending
KRANJI PRIMARY SCHOOL 1745-0616-0127/06/2022 Pending
ANGSANA PRIMARY SCHOOL 1268-0615-0127/06/2022 Pending
GEYLANG METHODIST SCHOOL (PRIMARY) 5022-0616-0127/06/2022 Pending
CHANGKAT PRIMARY SCHOOL 1239-0615-0124/06/2022 Pending
ST. JOSEPH'S INSTITUTION JUNIOR 5014-0614-0124/06/2022 Pending
RIVER VALLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL 1217-0613-0124/06/2022 Pending
PEI CHUN PUBLIC SCHOOL 5602-0609-0120/06/2022 Pending
CHIJ (KATONG) PRIMARY 5637-0404-0113/04/2022 Pending
POI CHING SCHOOL 5603-0404-0112/04/2022 Awarded
PUNGGOL COVE PRIMARY SCHOOL 1269-0715-0130/07/2021 Pending
WOODLANDS PRIMARY SCHOOL 1114-0904-0118/09/2020 Pending
CLEMENTI PRIMARY SCHOOL 1772-0824-0107/09/2018 Pending
MARSILING PRIMARY SCHOOL 1645-0827-0107/09/2018 Pending
SI LING PRIMARY SCHOOL 1161-0716-0127/07/2018 Pending
XINMIN PRIMARY SCHOOL 1724-0822-0108/09/2017 Pending