SchoolReference NumberClosing onStatus of Award
CANBERRA PRIMARY SCHOOL 1751-0927-0110/10/2019 Pending
POI CHING SCHOOL 5603-0906-0119/09/2019 Pending
SEMBAWANG PRIMARY SCHOOL 1759-0827-0109/09/2019 Awarded
GEYLANG METHODIST SCHOOL (PRIMARY) 5022-0827-0109/09/2019 Awarded
TAO NAN SCHOOL 5240-0820-0106/09/2019 Awarded
NAN CHIAU PRIMARY SCHOOL 5028-0822-0106/09/2019 Awarded
PEI CHUN PUBLIC SCHOOL 5602-0822-0106/09/2019 Awarded
ST. GABRIEL'S PRIMARY SCHOOL 5012-0823-0106/09/2019 Awarded
BLANGAH RISE PRIMARY SCHOOL 1145-0823-0106/09/2019 Awarded
FAIRFIELD METHODIST SCHOOL (PRIMARY) 5020-0823-0106/09/2019 Awarded
FUHUA PRIMARY SCHOOL 1107-0823-0106/09/2019 Awarded
VALOUR PRIMARY SCHOOL MOE1-0825-0106/09/2019 Pending
CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL 7102-0825-0106/09/2019 Awarded
WOODLANDS RING PRIMARY SCHOOL 1747-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
PAYA LEBAR METHODIST GIRLS' SCHOOL (PRIMARY) 5635-0826-0106/09/2019 Pending
GREENDALE PRIMARY SCHOOL 1251-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
CHIJ PRIMARY (TOA PAYOH) 5004-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
GREENWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL 1765-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
GREENRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL 1245-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
TAMPINES PRIMARY SCHOOL 1201-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
CANTONMENT PRIMARY SCHOOL 1256-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
RULANG PRIMARY SCHOOL 1195-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
GUANGYANG PRIMARY SCHOOL 1735-0826-0106/09/2019 Awarded
CHIJ OUR LADY OF THE NATIVITY 5007-0705-0126/07/2019 Awarded
RADIN MAS PRIMARY SCHOOL 1072-0705-0126/07/2019 Awarded
PARK VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL 1743-0705-0126/07/2019 Awarded
RAFFLES GIRLS' PRIMARY SCHOOL 1073-0708-0226/07/2019 Awarded
JURONG PRIMARY SCHOOL 1045-0705-0126/07/2019 Awarded
JIEMIN PRIMARY SCHOOL 1207-0705-0126/07/2019 Awarded
TEMASEK PRIMARY SCHOOL 1160-0705-0126/07/2019 Awarded
WEST SPRING PRIMARY SCHOOL 1265-0914-0128/09/2016 Pending